Snake Peeks

Snake Peeks is our new video series on YouTube and Instagram featuring short clips of snake behavior in the wild. As with all our content, these videos will show how snakes behave when people aren’t around, unmolested, undisturbed, in short, just being snakes. Check out the first two: Snake Peeks 1: Hummingbird and Diamondback Western […]

Hey Discovery, stop demonizing snakes!

A major impediment to snake conservation is that people tend to view snakes unfavorably. These negative attitudes are rooted in myth and reinforced by how snakes are portrayed in popular media. While some may remember the Discovery Network’s educational programming, but their standards have slid and its new line of shows has sunk to a […]

Shut Down Kentucky Snake Slayers

As the American population grows we push further into wild places and leave little room for wildlife that calls those places home. Human-wildlife conflicts become more common with animals usually losing when they wander into what is now our habitat. Snakes in particular often get little mercy in these situations. Myths and misunderstanding passed down […]


Like most visitors to Arizona, I had never heard of a rock rattlesnake when I first visited the Chiricahua Mountains in 1999. But there he was, a rattlesnake in miniature with gorgeous markings and a big personality. I was completely taken by this little snake, and he changed the course of my life; I gave […]

Which is which, answered

Here lie the answers to our quiz. If you landed here without taking the quiz first, STOP, and go back and check it out before reading below. Now the answers from our dear friend, Roger Repp: Well, I hear that my very first posting has brought about an avalanche of interest and comments. Thank you […]

Which is which?

Today we feature a guest post from our dear friend, Roger Repp, originally posted on our Facebook page. Hopefully the first of many – enjoy! Greetings honored visitors from other places, This is to be my first official posting to the ASP Facebook page. (Or any other Facebook page, for that matter). I would like […]

Tragedy or love story? A tale of two Gilas.

WARNING! Today’s post is not about snakes, but because 1) this is such an awesome story, and 2) Gilas have always been honorary snakes in my mind, I decided to include it here. Our friend Jeff Servoss works for USFWS and in his spare time, does outreach for snakes (how cool is that?). He shared […]

Have we changed the way you view snakes? Let us know!

At Social Snakes, our mission is to unravel the mystery of snakes to foster compassion and promote snake conservation. We tell stories and share videos of snakes’ true behavior in the wild, with a focus on surprising behavior that is relatively unknown and apealling (sociality, parental care). So, is it working? Maybe you loved snakes […]

Dear New York Times, please give rattlesnakes a fair shake

Recently the New York Times published an article covering the debate in Texas over the potential ban on gassing rattlesnakes. Unfortunately they did a terrible job. What follows is the long version of our letter to the editor in response to this article (what we would have written if letters weren’t limited to 150 words). […]

Just for kicks?

Ecologists study how interactions between species affect populations. Trophic (feeding) interactions are the most obvious (e.g., lions eat zebras), but competition and mutualism are also important in structuring populations residing together. Food webs consider how seemingly non-interacting populations of species may influence each other indirectly, often through the actions of other species. How individuals interact […]